Hey Jonah, I just wanted to tell you how much I really love you videos. You are hella funny and have such a genuine spirit, which is really refreshing. I know that this wouldn't be completely you decision, but do you think SDK could ever have an openly gay member? Obviously SDK is full, but if there were to ever be a free spot, would you ever add a member who happened to be gay.


I really appreciate your kind words, but your sexual orientation shouldn’t be a determining factor when looking at something like that. The fact that you are gay is completely irrelevant to everything on and off the channel. When describing yourself as an entertainer, who you like to sleep with should never come into account. It doesn’t matter AT ALL. What about your abilities as a writer, entertainer, performer, etc? That’d be like me going into an interview for a job and saying “Banging girls is dope right?!” This fact about you is neither going to help nor hurt your career, so stop focusing on it as if it’s a selling-point.

I’m tired of people playing off the fact that they like the same sex as if it makes them special. Wanna talk about equality, here’s equality. Your sexual orientation is about as relevant to creating quality content as the fact that I prefer smooth peanut butter over chunky.

So to answer your question, if your content is good, you’re on the same playing field as everyone else. SDK wouldn’t make a decision like that based off of liking dudes, it’d be based off how you create.

Don’t use crutches or gimmicks, that’s lame man and you’re better than that. Quality comes before everything, and if you are making good content I don’t care what you got goin’ on in your personal life. Sexual orientation doesn’t matter.


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